Programme Title Duration Starting FEES/P.A
ATC 056 AREA RADAR 10 Weeks  

16 May – 22 Jul 10 Oct – 16 Dec

4,362 436,200

Objectives and Learning Outcomes

It is intended that at the end of the course participants shall be able to:

  • Implement initial search procedures as a prelude to formal SAR planning.
  • Instigate in flight emergency procedures as a prelude to formal SAR planning.
  • Apply the principles of terrestrial SAR planning both as an individual and a member of a team.
  • Allocate aircraft and other resources to calculated search area in a systematic manner.
  • Coordinate with other SAR authorities.
  • Act as a SAR mission coordinator or member of an RCC team whenever required.

Pre- entry requirements

Good command of English. Language is essential. Nominees are Licensed Air Traffic Controllers, civil or military air crew members with at least 5 years operational experience.

However, officers of other disciplines that have responsibility for either civil or military SAR operations may also be nominated.

Subjects and topics covered:

SAR procedures:

  • SAR system
  • Communication
  • Awareness and initial action
  • Search planning and evaluation concepts
  • Search techniques and operations
  • Rescue planning and operations
  • Emergency assistance
  • Conclusion of SAR operations

SAR Practical:

  • SAR Plotting
  • SAR Flying
  • RCC exercises. 


  • Earth, distance and direction
  • Maps and Charts
  • Basic Navigation plotting
  • Time
  • Triangle of Velocity
  • Air plot and track plot
  • Navigation computer


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