1.0 Introduction

The Administration Department is charged with the overall responsibilty of providing effecient corporate and commercial services to the School to ensure success of training delivery. 

The following are the key services provided by the department

1.1 Finance and Accounts

1.2 Hospitality Commercial services (Conferencing, Accommodation and Catering)

1.3 Procurement services

1.4 Projects and Maintenance of facilities

1.5 Central Services (Transport, Registry, HR services)

1.6 Student Welfare

1.7 Health and safety services

1.8 Library Services

1.9 Security services

1.10 ICT services



To offer efficient and effective support services to the School for quality training


To continually offer quality support services that meet the needs of EASA by optimally leveraging avialble resources.


Departmental Objectives

The various sections of the department are charged with delivering respective sectional objectives in 12 key areas as listed below:-

1. To identify and run non-academic income generating units as sources of additional revenues to the School

2. To secure EASA perimeter fence and other facilities to ensure non-intrusion/incursion by outsidersand that facilities are not pilfered /stolen/damaged

3. To maintain a clean and beautiful working environment through facility development, routine repair and maintenance and supervision of outsourced services

4. To offer quality and cost effective hospitality services to our commercial and internal clients in an hygienic environment

5. To ensure timely collection of revenues,payment for services and goods rendered to EASA, remittance of statutory obligations, preparation of financial reports and continual development of internal controls

6. To procure and maintain ICT infrastructure, availability of internet and telephone services and provision of end user support services

7. To provide unlimited access to necessary library information 

8. To develop and maintain quality service standards at the highest possible while maintaining beneficial relationships with other institutions

9. To monitor and evaluate services to match changing user needs

10. To provide first contact medical assistance to students,staff and visitors, sensitize students, staff and visitors on HIV& AIDS issues, DRUGS AND ALCOHOL issues, conduct First Aid activities for the School and counselling services to the School community

11. To develop, organize and coordinate students sports activities, ensure student discipline is maintained



The Administration Department is sectored into various sections primarily to address the specific objectives as listed above.

The head of Administration department provides overall leadership to the department assisted by heads of sections. The department is currently headed by Mr. Joseph Kimaiyo Yator

The section is established to ensure timely collection of revenue, payment for services and statutory objections, preparation of financial management reports and internal financial control. The section has 5 staff and the current head of department is Mr. Eliud Dabuke Jela

The section is established to provide counselling, organize sports and ensure maintenance of discipline among students .It has three (3) members of staff. The head of Section is Mr. Timothy Njuguna Ngugi

The ICT section is established to ensure availability of ICT services such as internet and telephone services, establishment and maintenance of ICT infrastructure, provision of user support services. It has two(2) staff members seconded from ICT, KCAA HQS.

The section is established to ensure provision of Transport,Registry,Telephone, Staff Welfare,Security, clean and secure work environment, and secretarial services. The section has 12 staff and is currently headed by Mr.Grace Rakwach.

This is a commercial services section that provides accommodation services to students and other clients .It is established to ensure quality accommodation.It manages 164 rooms and a Laundry. It is currently staffed with three (3) staff and headed by Mrs. Sylvia Karuga

The section is a commercial servicessection dealing with the production and service of meals. The section is currently staffed with nine (9) staff and headed by Mrs. Mary Nginya

The section is established to deal with construction and maintenance of the school physical infrastructure. The main focus is in supervision of contractors, maintenance of the general environment, supply of electing, water, maintenance of equipment, buildings, internal roads etc. The section is currently staffed with six (6) maintenance staff and is headed by Mr. Charles K. Ngunu

The section is popularly known as the Dispensary section.It is established to primarily provide first contact medical assistance and First Aid,Sensitize  staff and students on HIV & Aids issues , Drugs and Alcohol abuse issues , and matters of Occupational Safety and Health It has only one staff, a qualified nurse who is also the officer in charge, Miss Jedidah Kasaine.

The section is established to ensure unlimited access to training information and safety and security of books and other materials. The library is currently staffed with only 2 staff, a Librarian and a Clerk. The head of section is Mr. Rueben Alusiola

The section is established to ensure timely supply of goods and services to the school in line with Public Procurement and Disposal Act 2005 and Regulations of 2006.

The section is currently staffed with three (3) staff and is headed by Ms.Eva Ntayia


“Effectively offering quality training that meets the needs of the global aviation industry by optimally leveraging resources”.


"To be the global aviation training Centre of Choice"

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