Develops standardized training packages related to the aviation industry & conducts instructional programs for officers from wider professional background within the aviation sector and beyond. The core activities of this department include;

  • Developing ICAO Recognized Standardized Training Packages for EASA as ICAO Regional Training Centre of Excellence (RTCE) per its mandate;
  • Ensuring that EASA Maintains TRAINAIR PLUS Accreditation through responsibilities of ICAO TrainAir_plus Focal point as the Central Unit;
  • Identify and prioritize courses for development, Review & adaptation and ensuring follow up for efficient implementation process;
  • Providing expertise to training Departments to ensure where applicable, all EASA courses are Standardized and regularly revised;
  • Managing of Training Competency Development Courses
  • Coordinating scheduling and implementation of ICAO Courses
  • Coordinating Research and Development activities of EASA.