EASA Alumni Membership is open to former EASA students, current and former staff.

The program is also open to those who would like to play a role in shaping the next generation of aviation professionals. You may join as corporate or individual partner.

Your Alma mater, friends, Cohorts, Lecturers and Acquaintances are calling you. Enlist to the EASA Alumnus and meet-up old memories that are perched right where you left them


  • Establish and maintain career and life networks with your Alumnus.
  • Foster interaction between the Alma mater, Alumnus and the aviation industry.
  • Maximize on the talents and resources of the Alumnus and friends of EASA to achieve EASA’s vision.
  • Create a pool of experts who will jointly assist the global aviation industry to bridge the skills gap




Who can be a member ?

All persons who have completed a training program at EASA

Membership Benefits

  • Governance of EASA and that of the Alumni
  • Networking opportunities
  • Professional Development
  • Access to discounted EASA Services


Who can be a Partner ?

Individuals, Government Entities, Corporates and International Organizations who would like to join EASA in mentorship and support for the next generation of Aviation Professionals

Partnership Benefits;

  • Developing the next generation of Aviation professionals
  • Opportunities to hold career fairs and graduate programs at EASA
  • Regular updates about EASA through our newsletters